Rich Walker (Sore Throat/Solstice UK)

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Rich Walker (Sore Throat/Solstice UK)

Postby Dubpunker » Sun Jul 26, 2020 6:01 am

Friends and Brethren of the Sword,

this is a serious post and I want you to read it carefully, share it and donate if you can!!
Rich Walker from Solstice-Englander has serious health problems and needs an urgent surgery. Unfortunately UKs NHS does not cover it and the costs are very high. My good friend Tom Phillips from While Heaven Wept organized a fundraiser which you see below this text.
Rich played at KEEP IT TRUE Festival with Pagan Altar and Solstice-Englander and also HAMMER OF DOOM Festival. We all know that he was a grumpy old fart in the past and he also burned a lot of bridges, but in the hour of need we are all one community and he needs our support. Without him, there may would have never been an Atlantean Kodex or other bands. Lets pay our respect to a real founding member of Epic Doom Metal. Thank you for reading and your support. Please Share!! ... T4H45Z41kQ

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