Ivy Blue: Motions- The New Album

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Ivy Blue: Motions- The New Album

Postby theurgeivyblue » Mon Sep 10, 2018 2:36 pm

Ladies and gentlemen, after much teasing, setbacks, and general madness; it’s finally here. Motions, Ivy Blue’s hotly anticipated 7th studio album, will arrive on November 17th 2018 via CD and digital download.

Recorded in Hamilton, New Zealand; Motions is a back-to-basics rock/acoustic album following the more experimental albums “Present Shapes” and “21” from 2017 and was recently completed after a year of recording with its subject matter influenced by evolution, growing old, the lessons you learn along the way, and the little memories you cherish most. The album’s lyrics were largely written in the same process as James Brodie’s upcoming autobiography (also due for release in 2018), however the two projects are not intentionally related.

1. Colours
2. North Star
3. Bridge
4. Winter
5. Ascending
6. Night and Day
7. Flood
8. These Four Walls
9. “X” (Fly Away)
10. Spectrums

Usually, you would mark a release of an album with some sort of special event. However, there will not be a launch party of the album as James has elected instead to carry out a comprehensive New Zealand tour in January. Details of these shows are currently being finalized and will be announced in due course, with international shows currently being scheduled for later in the year. Please check back on Ivy Blue’s website and social media over the next few weeks as these dates are finalized.

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