Beijing Daze 2013 Exhibition

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Beijing Daze 2013 Exhibition

Postby [TeamPropagandhi]Mob King » Thu Oct 10, 2013 9:36 pm

Hey all, long time no internet.

I just stumbled across this page and was gobsmacked. China has been my hood for a while now and reading this page brought back fond memories of punk shows in NZ and Asia, of hoping desperately that my VPN could get me onto punkas msg board, of that dude in the gorilla set invading So To Speak's PunkFest 2000(?) set.... etc etc etc.

What's the deal? Are you coming to Shanghai? Anyone got any more info?

Shanghai Punkfest last month was pretty badass, MiSanDao from Beijing have some TIGHT skinhead anthems.

Get in touch if you ever have any bands or people coming through Shanghai or China in general.
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