RUST and The Bludgers at Hamilton

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nazi scum
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RUST and The Bludgers at Hamilton

Postby nazi scum » Mon Apr 24, 2017 12:21 pm

First of all thanks to Tim for putting my name on the door despite Jello trying to shout me in, much appreciated.

Was busy drinking my Home-brewed Pale Ale so missed the first coupla bands, sorry Rhett etc but maybe next time for Contenders.

The Bludgers were as always excellent and must rate as the best Oi band in NZ. Its been a long time since seeing them but they were great and well worth the wait, especially as it may have been their last gig. Thanks guys.

RUST were also excellent and highly recommended. Anytime you get the chance to see them do not miss the opportunity!!

In all a glorious night.
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