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Postby Dead Kid » Thu Feb 16, 2017 4:11 pm

Auckland crowd was rather subdued. As someone who's barely listened to them, it felt like Neurosis didn't fully show what they had up their sleeve until the last 3 songs, which demonstrated them at both their heaviest and their softest (At the End of the Road, Bending Light, The Doorway). We've been spoilt with all the tours of this style visiting here, so maybe they had too much to live up to in my head (particularly Boris, whose entire setlist was stunning). Neurosis played 10 songs, no need for an encore gimmick. The Doorway was a great closer, though couldn't help but remember that Isis had one of the best closers of all time in Celestial (The Tower). :calavcalav:

The Kings Arms was on the money as usual. The pummelling bass aimed directly at our rib cages. It wasn't ridiculously loud like Ufomammut or Melvins, but that was a good thing in hindsight. Don't need ringing ears to indicate a good time, though it might just be that my ears are already painted. There'll be other places to play when the KA is gone, but the quality will be missed.

Old Loaves were suitably heavy, churning out an interesting and varied set. A bit punky of course. Definitely not just filler for the support slot as nearly everyone who'd arrived stayed inside.
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