Doomy shit at Whammy, Akld 26/9

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Doomy shit at Whammy, Akld 26/9

Postby Dead Kid » Sat Sep 27, 2014 5:28 pm

So what was so great about NYE 1995? Fast forward about 18 years 9 months, and many of the kids conceived on that sweaty night have turned 18 just in time to witness the return of three of the dudes from Triceratops, now delivering the goods as Lord of Solitude. About time we had some doom metal in Auckland again. Sounded like about where Triceratops left off. Still retro but a bit more interesting and varied, with growls in a couple of songs. Great turnout for their first show under the new name considering they were opening the gig. There was even a bit of a mosh pit towards the end. You've changed, Auckland.

Bloodbags sounded grungy in the dingy Whammy dungeon, was the most I've enjoyed a Bloodbags set yet. A few songs in, my nose told me that someone had dumped a cloud of toxic gas but I held my station. Managed to understand a bit of what Andrew was singing about in that thumping set closer, Wolfman Can't Die. It's just a great dirty rock tune, while some of their other stuff is more punk-ish.

Hardly anyone in the young crowd was moving, all standing to attention like meerkats as the Stone the Crows riffs started to take hold. Catchy instrumental stoner metal, very cool. First time I'd seen them, my favourite of the night. Moved up the front to enjoy it. Had to mosh my way out of a mistaken hug situation, hurt a muscle in my neck, it was great.

Bloodnut was great as a three-piece once again, though not as heavy as seeing them with the full power of the Kings Arms PA at their disposal. The crowd had thinned out a bit, but they cranked out some classic riffs and enjoyable tunes like Fire Giant that eventually got me moving.

Overall it was $5 well spent (excl. liver services tax). Would trade again.
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