The Disables, Not Quite Right - Arc Cafe, Dunedin

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The Disables, Not Quite Right - Arc Cafe, Dunedin

Postby jm » Wed May 24, 2006 11:42 am

I went down to the Arc last night to check out some punk rock. I was interested in seeing what a touring Australian band and a Wellington punk band with international touring on the horizon had on offer. I unfortunately didn’t get there in time to see Ritalin and Corporate Trash, so they will not appear in this review.

As soon as Not Quite Right strummed their first chord, I knew what to expect from the rest of their set. Their forced, choreographed rock jumps and Southern California punk rock demeanour mirrored the fact they want to be the next Bouncing Souls. There is not so much anything wrong with this, as all bands have influences and certain bands they aspire to. The difficult thing is pulling this off with originality and uniqueness, which is something Not Quite Right doesn’t have.

Yes, they were tight and did have a good level of musicianship and professionalism, which you would expect from a hard working touring act. The problem comes from the music itself. The generic punk rock drumming merged every song into one, leaving very little space for the guitarists to take the songs in any interesting direction. The consistent repetitive “punk” drum machine drowned out every interesting, original idea the guitarists had. This is a problem many of the bands vying for this sound have, which is why we have countless NZ punk bands sounding exactly the same as each other. More variation is needed to make a difference and an impact in this genre of music.

The Disables are a similar kettle of fish to Not Quite Right in that you have heard it all before, but at least these guys had a hint of variation in their sound.

My main problem with The Disables was that after the first four songs, their catchy, well-structured version of Rancid-y styled punk got old very quickly. The verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus, chorus, chorus on repeat and chanting catchy backups didn’t allow for much of an original scope.
I did like some of their breakdowns and if these were developed more the songs could have been taken in some interesting directions, but more often than not they went back into repeating the chorus. This left the band producing limited, predictable punk rock that would have been fresh a number of years ago, however is now well past its used by date.

Aside from this, Not Quite Right and The Disables entertained the majority of the punters there so they must have been doing something right. I however, listen to and enjoy watching bands that offer something original and interesting, so this gig obviously wasn’t for me. Maybe if I was drunk or went in with a not-so-cynical attitude, I could have enjoyed it for what it was – good time punk rock at Arc on a Tuesday Pint Night.
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Postby LegDog » Wed May 24, 2006 12:19 pm

Good review :)
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Postby the croc » Wed May 24, 2006 12:45 pm

Everyone knows you can't go to punk gigs sober :wink:

I was pissed and had a fucking fantastic time. The Disables are one more reason to move to Brisbane next year.
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Postby Mr Pink » Wed May 24, 2006 2:26 pm

I really enjoyed last night, only saw the last 3 odd songs of Corporate Trash but sounded good, Not Quite Right were very impressive lots of energy and really tight, I thought we Ritalin played well and we had a good time.

The Disables put on a great show had a heap of energy and some good songs - The cover of I hung My Head(Sting, Johnny Cash) was fantastic as was Dirty Old Town by the Pogues

Yeah they were nothing new but so what?
They done what they do very well.

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Postby BigNanaJez » Wed May 24, 2006 3:42 pm

I am more than gutted I couldnt get away from work for this show, I'd been talking it up and never even made it, sucks

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Postby stu » Wed May 24, 2006 8:40 pm

If you thought NQR and the disables were whatever, im glad you didnt say anything about ritalin & corporsate trash.

It was a really fun show, pretty good crowd for a tuesday night at $10 entry. And yes, Arc doesnt have very good sound for loud music so ..yeah.
I had 3 hours sleep before work today and my head has got more and more sore as today goes on, wheres my pj's?

Hope the rest of the tour goes well!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Postby flinders_ » Mon May 29, 2006 8:50 pm

the croc wrote:I was pissed and had a fucking fantastic time.

At the wellington show
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