Livesound 6U shockmount 19" rackcase for sale

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Tobias Funke
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Livesound 6U shockmount 19" rackcase for sale

Postby Tobias Funke » Sat Jul 30, 2011 9:35 pm

Livesound 6U shockmount 19" rackcase. Had this custom made 6-7 years ago. Is essentially two rackcase frames separated by heavy duty shock foam etc. When I got this made I was being especially (and probably overly) anal about airflow in the case etc, and so part of the custom design was a 'port' in the middle of the inner frame top and bottom and a gap top and bottom in the shock foam to allow extra airflow. Probably unnecessary but put my mind at rest. Doesn't effect the case structurally at all.

As anyone who has dealt with them before will know, Livesound cases are top of the line. Liked the job on this so much I had a matching 3U shockmount case built as well. This 6U would've been a life-long purchase, but I'm reducing my rack gear down to fit the 3U so no longer need this. Is a bit worn/scuffed (as you'd expect in a case), but is all only aesthetic. Structurally sound as anything you can get.

Livesound site:

Will try to get pics sussed at some point.

Set me back somewhere in the neighbourhood of $850 (can't remember if that ended up being before or after tax, so might've been a bit more) when I had it made. Looking for $500.

Am based in Auckland - PM if interested.

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