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Scott Birthday
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Postby Scott Birthday » Thu Sep 26, 2002 1:30 pm

my calculations show that this issue has been resolved:



have you seen my pocket protector.

Postby burgers » Thu Sep 26, 2002 2:22 pm

as always mr. birthday, your calculations are correct. The parties involved have been told what could come of thier pre-teen angst styled actions.

hooray for the good guys and calculations!



Postby Tank » Thu Sep 26, 2002 7:34 pm

Yo're sleep talking again...wake up and realise you're a fat nerd aka high school bash victim.... know ya role, bird penis.


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Re: it gets better..

Postby cynna » Fri Sep 27, 2002 12:56 am

burgers wrote:i get the feeling that nzpost doesn't really have that many people using the same gateway reading this messageboard...

i work for nzpost and none of the computers i deal with have internet access. so for 3 different people to have access to an internet linked computer at nzpost that post on punkas seems to me to b very unlikey.......

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nicholas hammond
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Postby nicholas hammond » Fri Dec 09, 2005 11:11 pm

hahaha does this thread remind anyone of a certain poster?

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Postby cirE » Sat Dec 10, 2005 8:48 pm

Future Shock wrote:freudian slip, went downa likea sack o potatoes

0.21 6.78 3.31

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Postby >>>>>>& » Fri Jan 12, 2007 10:50 pm

i wonder if it was gareth all along. hmmmm
i am of the mind and the opinion that if something doesn't accept you,
you do everything in your power to fucking destroy it.
i don't care if it's the world, society, your family or a fucking high school
keg party.
you do everything you can to hit back...and strike back.
let go of some of that fucking hatred
i wanna poison this world the way it fuckin poisoned me.
i'm gonna to everthing, EVERYTHING in my power to corrupt, to twist, to
destroy, to rip apart, to poison.
i'm gonna spit my last breath in all your faces.
you're gonna hear me laughin at the end.

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mama poopoo
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Postby Maleficent » Mon Jan 15, 2007 12:57 am

fuck this thread is gold. I must have been having one of my sober up days and missed it back in 02

geez i've been on this forum that long

almost makes me want to take up binge drinking again :/

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