Any of youse in Napier / Hawkes Bay?

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Any of youse in Napier / Hawkes Bay?

Postby Lurch » Wed Nov 20, 2013 8:29 pm

Moving over next year. Looking at coming over for a day or two in a fortnight to scout the place out, be rad to get some local knowledge and meet some people. I don't really know anyone at all in the area. A place to crash would be great, too, though if it came down to it I think my parents have friends in Hastings I can impose on. Thinking about bringing my young fulla with me, so if anyone is cool with young kids then even better.

Edit: prob better to leave the boy at home this time. Get more done, less stress. Tickets booked, getting in Sunday the 8th leaving Tues the 10th.

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