Tactical Attack / Axillism NZ Tour nov

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Tactical Attack / Axillism NZ Tour nov

Postby dave-brown » Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:52 am

Tactical Attack (melb) AXILLISM (melb) Tour nz early november, kicking off at Whammy bar 3 nov, check below link for more dates
Both bands are a big part of the Melbourne DIY punk scene, and will both gel well with the unique DIY punk/crust scene of Aoteroa.

Tactical Attack
Once described as as 'Confused Hardcore Punk', politcal, fast, dirty, loud and generally punk as fuck, mixed in with some impressive dance routines from their lead front woman. Their lead guitarist shreds.
...you might recognise Aucklands own Joshua Of, on drums, also this video is a bit older with the former wellingtonian crustie Cameron parker, although they have always been a predominantly female group


All female group playing heavier hardcore punk, loud gritty and quite melodic at times, their vocalist is wildly talented and they are a really good live band. They have just recorded a demo which you wild be daft not to grab when they play your local. Their guitarist also featured on police ten 7 for petty larceny during a holiday in NZ. Good cunt

(Also i duno whos putting this on, i just saw that it wasnt advertised, so got the details off my mates and chucked it up)

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