Infinite Justice CD! / MP3s

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Infinite Justice CD! / MP3s

Postby Tartanperil » Tue Mar 15, 2011 9:23 pm


mark tyler wrote:Thats right people, twelve tracks of classic Punk/Oi from this long running Dunedin band, recorded live at the Captain Cook Tavern on October 30th 2010 by Ian Sweetman. The mix has come out sweet and is a reasonably accurate depiction of their sound. I've been thrashing it.
If you're keen on a copy then PM me yr address and i'll get it in the post. Oi!

PM Mark for a CD.

Or download the MP3s for free from EDIT: work's site is being rebuilt so the sandpit is gone, but most of the Infinite Justice tracks are at Soundcloud ( or Reverbnation (

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