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Postby Dubpunker » Mon Jun 20, 2016 6:21 am

While people love the "flip page" effect on my RockScenester and Star1973 sites, iPad and mobile phone users get left out in the cold thanks to the Flash-based animation. After originally uploading a zip file of JPEGs here on Circulation Zero, a consensus formed that a PDF would more useful. Instead of simply suggesting improvements, two guys just up and created PDFs and sent 'em over. I like people who get things done, so kudos to Nathan Klayman and especially Kip Jackson for refining the first foray. The downloads are now single, searchable PDFs which no longer require unzipping!

These are sizeable downloads which eat up a lot of bandwidth. Circulation Zero shout-outs on popular sites inevitably result in a new crush of traffic, longer waits and slower load times on my other sites. Because of this, I've had to move the downloads to a third-party site which is hopefully better equipped for the occasional stampede. Keep in mind some content is NSFW! While I prefer to digitize complete runs, some publications stuck around for a long time. In those instances, I've picked a reasonable stopping point based mostly on when my fascination precipitously declines heading into the mid-80s. Despite my being several years too late and a couple thousand miles away, the early LA punk scene enthralled my teenage brain thirty years ago, and the obsession shows no signs of abating. Might as well start with the best...

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