PA and soundy - sweet deals

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PA and soundy - sweet deals

Postby crackpot » Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:14 pm

Got quite sweet rig for hall shows / anywhere with no in house system.
I've mixed loads of punk, metal, reggae, ska shows before.

Holla if you need a system but don't want to pay the big $$ that the larger hire companies. want for this stuff. Deails of the gear below.

Contact is:, or Phone Ross on 0273507544

1400watt system including (suits audience >200 peeps)
2 x mackie SRM450 400watt RMS powered speakers
1 x Db tech 18" 600watt RMS powered sub
2 Shitty folbacks but can get better ones if needed.
Mackie CFX 20 (20 channel mixer with effects)
1 x Sm 58 mic
1 x Beta 58 mic
1 x Sm 58 wireless mic
full set of drum mics
16 / 4 channel, 100ft Snake and stagebox
Mic stands / leads / DI boxes / power cables etc.

(If you have a bigger show and need more than this i can get it together for you)

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Re: PA and soundy - sweet deals

Postby ghetto ninja » Wed Oct 20, 2010 1:36 pm

^^^ Also awesome live soundy.
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