Flatmate in CHCH wanted

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Flatmate in CHCH wanted

Postby propecia » Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:47 am

So my sister bailed on me, and I need to find someone to move in with me late August. Im above Shades arcade on Hereford st, just by Mybar (fun in the summer.... rooftop backyard + sluts + waterbombs = cheap entertainment)

Its only a 2 bedroom place, so would prefer just one other.

No pets allowed (rooftop apartment so nowhere for them to go anyways), no sluts, no jerks, no douche friends...... I know im illiminating 90% of Christchurch with this, but its my intention to do so.

New bathroom and kitchen, deece lounge, and giant walk in safe/pantry/DVD heaven.

$150 per week + exp, bond $450

Hit me up here
Even if i have to take a chubby, i'll suck it up.

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