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vegan tattoo hams

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 2:36 pm
by your shit
Hey i know this has probly already been posted but dose anyone know of a tattoo place in hams that uses vegan inks?
I know my spelling is crap so yea

Re: vegan tattoo hams

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:22 pm
by CowzOr
If you bring your own you could ask them to use it

Re: vegan tattoo hams

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2010 10:39 pm
by buckton
Forgive my ignorance but I couldn't find any tattoo ink with meat in it. About the nastiest thing in it is some trace metals, better stay away from water I hear that's got iron in it.

Re: vegan tattoo hams

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2010 6:59 am
by Marrow
^troll? :lol:

Re: vegan tattoo hams

Posted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 7:02 pm
by Ventoux
Ask the tattooist what brand ink they use, then google and email the manufacturers. That's probably the easiest way of finding out. Unless the tattooist is vegan, or has taken the liberty to look into such a thing, they probably won't know the answer themselves. The manufacturers are also not obliged to divulge full ingredients (this is what I can ascertain from looking at US based sites - maybe regulations are different in NZ??).

I was reading about this awhile ago and from what I can ascertain there are two potentially non vegan components of the ink:

The black pigment in some brands is from charcoal made from animal bones, this is usually called 'bone black'.

Some (not all) tattoo inks use glycerin as the pigment carrier - some brands may use animal derived glycerin.

Here's some info on the inks' composition - again, no idea how accurate / exhaustive this info is..

Re: vegan tattoo hams

Posted: Tue May 11, 2010 2:53 pm
by your shit
cheers found out skinks uses vegan inks for any one who is interestd