Any queerpunk scene in NZ?

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Postby Livestock » Sat Apr 26, 2008 10:31 am

Bernie Galaxy wrote:I think queer boys need to rep more to be honest.

not to be confused with camp ones however...

its nothing to be ashamed of really...


it seems my life is full of awesome lesbians who are totally comfortable and open about their sexuality and I find myself asking frequently ... where are the boys at? (not saying that its any easier for girls, I'm just not at a privileged enough position to talk about it from your perspective so I wont!)

I mean there's plenty of guys who fit 'that' stereotype around but really its not what anyone in the 'alternative' crowd wants is it...?

I feel that if people are still throwing around slander... even jokingly in a scene thats probably most open and accepting to all kinds of folk well then that really not good for anyones confidence to express themselves in all things. Such social taboos as being a man and expressing any kind of emotion is really the stem of the problem. If you like the lady's your still not really expected to talk about it more than 'oh I'm going to bone her'. how in that context can you be expected to talk honestly about how you feel about members of the same sex....

anyway the point is if there were more bands in front of people on a stage prepared to shout out the way they feel about members of the same sex it would make it so much easier for people watching to feel accepted and comfortable in that environment and put their arm around the cute guy next to them with out having to shrug it off after the gig as casual friend affection.

In any case If anyones keen to start a queer core band in wellington with me I would be happy to front it... heh... yes ?? hrm

also I hear the scene in Hamilton is piping hot... they just don't know it yet ... :D

end rant. blah blah blah

but gay guys do represent.. they're the ones yelling Yah trickYAH real loud.. talk about heart on the sleeve

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