Free porn fiction site.

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Free porn fiction site.

Postby Horus » Wed Mar 15, 2006 12:23 pm

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Postby cirE » Thu Mar 16, 2006 10:27 am is alright too :)
Future Shock wrote:freudian slip, went downa likea sack o potatoes

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Re: Free porn fiction site.

Postby cirE » Thu Mar 16, 2006 11:27 am

"Prostate Fun"

Every since I was a little kid I loved the feeling of putting
pressure on my prostate gland (if you're a male that doesn't know what your
prostate gland is, it's the gland that semen passes through on it's way
out the urethra. Semen mixes with the watery fluid in the prostate and
then ejaculates out the penis. It's located just inside the anus. If
you're in a sitting postion, it's easiest on the toilet for starters,
insert your finger into your anus, hook your finger and it's the bulge
right underneath your penis. When you push on it or rub it, you can
feel pressure. It should feel like it does when you're ejaculating, and
your prostate is contracting to send your cum spurting out. If you do
this why'll having an orgasm it is really intense, it's one of the
secrets some men don't know about. Definitely try it's worth
the slight discomfort. Just use alot of lubrication, and move slow at
first. It's wonderful. Definetly try it if you haven't).

Well, on to the story. I did alot of experimenting when I was little,
and still do. It's great to find new ways of masturbation and sources
of pleasure. I use to insert everything from my finger, to barbie doll
legs, to those real small skinny baseball bats into my rectum. I never
knew why I liked to do it so much. I even went through a phase where I
thought I was gay because I liked to put things up my ass. I was really
confused. Until, in one of my nudy magazines I read an ad in the back
for prostate stimulators. It described basically the same things I did
in the previous paragraph. I was astonished, and extactic to learn why
I had the feeling that I did. And to finally put to rest any doubts I
had about my sexuality.

Ever since I've been giving myself anal stimulation; and loving it.
But there was one draw back to it: PAIN. I tried alot of methods, and
soon I was pretty good at relaxing my muscles a little to diminish some
of the pain. But never all of it. Also, I am obsessed with women, and
the vagina. If I had 3 wishes, being able to be a women whenever I
wanted would be one of them. I wanted to make fingering my anus as
close to fingering a vagina as possible. But I could never relax my
muscles enough, there was always a certain amount of pain and pressure.
Just a few days ago I stumbled upon a discovery though. And I knew I
had to post it to this site, to share with the rest of the men of the

I was extremely horny, and it was heightened by the fact that I had to
shit. The pressure of the shit in my ass on my prostate always makes me
horny as hell. I usually take a shit, and then go and masturbate

So I'm sitting on the toilet, slowly getting ready to release my shit.
I was thinking about how loose my anus gets when I shit, it would feel
great to finger that loose opening like it was a pussy, and it would
relive all the pressure and pain. It would be painless if I could just
keep my sphincter muscle relaxed why'll I fingered. So I lubed up my
opening and put my finger against th hole. (During this don't let any of
your shit out, it takes alot of self control to do, just concentrate on
controling your muscles.) Slowly I let my shit begin to creep towards
the hole. I stress the word slowly, it wont work if you don't do it
slowly, you'll just get a handful of shit. When the shit gets close to
your anus, the sphincter muscle will begin to open up; as soon as
there's enough room, insert your finger.

It gets a little messy here, so this method of stimulation isn't for
the faint of heart. But it's WELL worth it.

Hold back the shit with your finger. If your'e having diarrhea,
there's no way in HELL your'e gonna stop it. Smooth shit is kinda fun if you
don't mind getting a little dirty. Some of the smooth shit will probably
seep out, but it feels great. Harder shit is definitely the best
though. The invoulntary muscles of your anus and intestines are fooled
into thinking that your shitting; When in fact your holding the shit
back. They loosen up from a tight vice-like grip, to nearly no pressure
at all, their as loose as most young virgin pussy lips. This is when
the pleasure hits like a Mac truck.

I fingered my ass into ecstasy, with absolutly no pain or great
discomfort. I pressed my shit up against my prostate, as well as
directly rubbing it. The pleasure flowed throughout my body like an
ocean wave. It was like cumming over and over and over... I started to
literally cry from the pleasure it was so intense. I shoved my finger
deep into my shit, mashing it around my insides. In and out I fingered
myself, the lips of my ass were so light and caressing on my finger.
The pain of all my other times of anal stimulation was now nonexistent.

The tears dripped off my cheeks, and onto my thighs as I whyned and
wimpered from the stimulation. My bowels cried out trying to get my
shit to flow out, but I wouldn't let it go. I continued to deeply rub
my prostate, pressing harder and harder against the soft wall of my
intestines. I propped my leg up on the wall and kept fingering myself
into heaven. I felt as if I could nearly drive myself to orgasm just by
rubbing my swolen gland. Fluid began to seep out of my penis, dripping
slowly down the shaft. I couldn't take it any longer though, I had to
give my penis some attention. I grabbed the shaft with my right hand,
while I fingered my ass with my left. With every jerk on my cock, I
jammed my finger into my rectum pressing it hard against my prostate.
The pressure created by my finger forced the fluid inside the gland to
push out my urethra as I continued to yank on my dick. It didn't take
long before I was spurting cum all over my stomach and legs. As I came,
my prostate contracted violently, propelling it's stored fluid out of my
body. With every contraction, I pressed my finger into it; causing my
cum to spurt longer and farther.

When the contractions finally subsided, I withdrew my finger and my
shit flowed happily out of my ass. I sat for several seconds trying to
slow down my heartbeat. It was one of the most intense orgasms I have
ever experienced.

----The Fun & Messy End----

Thanx again to all who post here. Wish I didn't have to make this
anonymous, but I 've get some less than understanding friends who are on
my computer alot. : (
Maybe someday I'll post my e-mail when the circumstances are a little
more private.

Future Shock wrote:freudian slip, went downa likea sack o potatoes

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Postby Maleficent » Wed Mar 29, 2006 11:16 am

Good shit!

:lol: 's and chortles

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Postby akaxo » Wed Mar 29, 2006 11:32 am

prostate fun just made my day :D
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Postby kittenslayer » Wed Mar 29, 2006 11:32 am


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Postby cirE » Thu Mar 30, 2006 6:01 am

fuck i need to take a shit now... prostate fun's looking REALLY tempting right now 8O should i try it?!?!?!??!
Future Shock wrote:freudian slip, went downa likea sack o potatoes

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Postby kittenslayer » Thu Mar 30, 2006 8:51 am

Is that why you were busy on msn the other day? 8O

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Postby cirE » Thu Mar 30, 2006 9:14 am

yeah thanks for getting shit on my keyboard :x
Future Shock wrote:freudian slip, went downa likea sack o potatoes

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Postby akaxo » Thu Mar 30, 2006 10:33 am

cirE wrote:fuck i need to take a shit now... prostate fun's looking REALLY tempting right now 8O should i try it?!?!?!??!

you should try everything twice, the first time to see what it's like and the second time to decide if you actually like it or not.

just do it!
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Postby Dennis from Accounts » Thu Mar 30, 2006 10:53 am

on the toilet haha.

a friend once told me he doesnt jack off on the toilet anymore, cause of the suspicious noises it makes. he isn't my friend anymore.
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Postby Maleficent » Thu Mar 30, 2006 12:20 pm

Akaxo wrote:
cirE wrote:fuck i need to take a shit now... prostate fun's looking REALLY tempting right now 8O should i try it?!?!?!??!

you should try everything twice, the first time to see what it's like and the second time to decide if you actually like it or not.

just do it!

yes but WASH YOUR HANDS afterwards or it'll be shit on the keyboard time!!


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Postby akaxo » Thu Mar 30, 2006 12:24 pm

personally i'm in favour of latex gloves for use in all sorts of fun and games, but yes, sound advice!
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Postby Maleficent » Thu Mar 30, 2006 4:46 pm

well, there's nothing like the snap of latex to wake you up in the morning.


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Postby cirE » Thu Mar 30, 2006 5:26 pm

it was alright
i bet holding in your shit for too long's bad for you though
so this won't be a daily activity that's fo sho
Future Shock wrote:freudian slip, went downa likea sack o potatoes

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Postby Maleficent » Thu Mar 30, 2006 5:44 pm

special occasion type thing?

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Postby akaxo » Fri Mar 31, 2006 10:05 am

the snap of latex has got to be one of my favourite sounds :D any time of the day or night...

glad ya had fun Cire :wink:
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"The Gay Department" (from the Nifty website.)

Postby Horus » Sun Apr 23, 2006 12:26 pm

"The Gay Department" by Jay Roberts in Gay Science Fiction or Fantasy. from the site

You won't be able to find out anything about the Gay Department or its
operations. Everything has been burned, erased as if it never existed or
the events ever occurred. I am at risk of my life by relating this. I am
the only one alive who participated.

The operation was suggested directly by the president. I won't reveal
which president was in office at the time.

I became involved in a quite ordinary way. I was having a drink at the
Plaza Hotel Bar, the Oak Room. The Oak Room is not a gay bar exactly but
there are upper class gay guys who enjoy a drink in its masculine and
elegant decor.

There was a very ordinary looking guy drinking at a table near me. He was
dressed in a cheap suit, I thought. His hair was cut in a hick way. He
wasn't unattractive but lacked that magnetism one finds with one's gaydar
in interesting fellows.

It was not want I wanted but I realized that he was speaking to me, just
loud enough to be heard over the piped music. "Are you gay?" he asked.
Now that was a new way to meet someone.

"Are you?" I snapped back in a nasty way.

"No, but we are looking for gay men who look straight as you do. You might
be an ex professional football player. In any event, you have the look we

"Are you a modeling agency?"

"May I move to your table so I can explain it to you. It is very
confidential and I do not want to be overheard."

He moved over and so began one of the most singular years of my life.

At first I thought he was putting me on, but his sincerity was
unmistakable. In a nutshell he related, in quiet tones that the highest
authority in the land had authorized a small spying operation. The targets
would be spies and/or officials in countries where being homosexual mean the
destruction of their career and possibly a death sentence.

The most interesting part was that the operatives must be themselves
homosexual but who could pass in both gay and straight societies.

I loved the whole idea. I had just lost my job with Payne Advertising and
there was nothing in sight. This would be a crazy adventure. The pay was
amazing and the credit card limit was princely. I could afford the finest
in clothes, food and hotels.

The next day I presented myself at a nondescript office in a downtown
building near the harbor. My contact from the Plaza, Mr. Wilson (if that
was his real name) was there. They had set up a large round table in the
middle of the room, covered by a green felt. He directed me to a seat at
that table. There were two men there. One was a very cute looking, slim,
bearded kid. A sort of nerd type but his beautiful brown eyes ameliorated
his bookishness. I learned later that his name was Robert. Mr. Wilson
introduced me by first name, Jeff. The other person at the table was
seriously arresting. He was about six feet six. His glowing pink/white
skin was smooth. His features were classical. But it was his voice which
transfixed me. It was very deep and crackly and faintly British.

He motioned me to sit. A tray of cola bottles in ice were in an ice bucket
on the table. He take a silver opener out of his vest pocket and proceeded
to pass a nice cut glass goblet and a bottle to Robert and me. Wilson and
our host pointed to two leather bound folders in front of him. "We don't
have to interview you. We know everything about you, every detail of your

Robert interrupted him, coughing slightly as he laughed. "You know my cock

"Yes. It's seven and 1-l/4 inches, uncut, lists to the left. We know
about your affair with an Eric who committed suicide over you, your
kindergarten teacher.....everything except....."

"Except what?" I found I had slumped down somewhat in my seat and
straightened up.

"Exactly how much control you have over your sexual passions. We wonder if
your will have a cool head while your small sizzles."

He laughed heartily. "You two are pioneers. The success of this project
depends on you. Others will follow if you do your job well."

Wilson cleared his throat. As if by signal the two left together. Robert
and I sat there both wondering about this strange situation we are in.
Almost reading my thoughts, Robert said, "This is a nutty thing but I am
excited over the adventure it offers." He stopped a minute, "Be careful
what you say or do. This place must be wired and with hidden cameras." He
was quiet a moment. "Do you feel odd."

"How do you mean?"

"I mean horny. There was something in the colas. My chest feels flushed
and, eh and......"


"I have a painful hard on."

"All seven and 1-1/4 inches."

"Yeah but now it feels like a baseball bat. Here, feel it."

"No Robert, I don't think we are supposed to hook up with each other,
unless you are a spy." I patted his bearded face. We were getting real

At that moment the happiness boys returned.

Wilson began, "This person here will be known as Homebase. I will be
stepping out of the project shortly and Homebase will be your contact and
any questions will be directed to him."

Mr. Homebase began as Wilson exited. "You both had a drug administered in
your cola. It is harmless but it is ten times the power of Viagra. Even
now you both feel an overwhelming desire for sex. Even with each other.
Yet a half hour ago neither of you would have considered the other as a sex
partner. Robert doesn't go for the CQ type. You Jeff like tall skinny
boys, smooth, especially Asians."

I nodded. "You know as much about me as you do Robert?"

"Yes. Six and a half, but very thick. Robert who goes for oral sex would
find you a mouthful. But you prefer anal don't you? As a top. Robert
would not go for that. We know a lot about your lives and your character
but now we are going to give you a test. Under this table cloth......No,
don't look under! There is a boy, about eighteen. Blond, very cute, loves
giving blow jobs. We hired him at great expense. He is going to stimulate
both of you, going from one to the other. At the same time you will fill
out this test booklet. Wireless receptors are judging your ability to
concentrate and to delay orgasm through will power. Wilson who is not
particularly affected by man to man sex erupted in one minute under our
guest's ministrations. I myself can normally delay orgasm for hours, gave
way after four minutes. He is the best! Work your test booklets, they are
much like a college entry exam. You will be creditted with the amount of
time you can withstand the stimulation. Now gentlemen, please lower your
trousers and your underwear. Our lad under there has been ear plugged so
none of our recent conversation has been heard. Right now his mouth must
be watering as he see two such delectable organs in front of him."

We ignored the draft on our legs and crotch area. The breeze made my cock
pull in and it probably looked look a ten years old. I began the
examination paper. It was a mix of various kinds of tests including
personality probes. I worked away. Now I could feel a bare ass against my
leg as the lad below the table turned to get to Robert. I saw Robert
stiffen a little, then he smiled in comfortable pleasure as the process of
suck off began. Soon he wasn't smiling. He was frowning in
concentration. A few bead of sweat began to form on his forehead. He
grunted a bit, softly. He looked at me and rolled his eyes. "I'd like to
get this appliance installed under every table at home." He was gritting
his teeth, tightening his body. He was so locked up that he could barely
write. Suddenly his body relaxed. Apparently his tormentor had paused and
was taking me on. I jumped as a wet tongue licked the entire length of my
cock.; Then he did something no one else had ever done and it blew my mind
and body. He slipped his tiny slippery tongue under the ridge of my
foreskin and rapidly whirled around and around. This was really getting to
me. I had trouble keeping my eyes from locking upwards. Robert glanced at
me and giggled. "Now big guy, you are being reduced to ashes. When you
can't hold on any longer, reach for my hand and hold it as you unload."

"Don't worry. I'm not going to unload before you do. I have mental powers
that I can use for self-hypnosis. I can stay cool and removed." But I cut
off my lecture as that hot mouth resumed a fast lapping of the head of my
cock. When I talked again to Robert my words were strangled.

"You are so cute, trying manfully to hold on. I also wish I was doing you.
It would be a challenge. Do you know you face is bright red and you eyes
are slits. It won't be much longer, stud."

"Ooh", Robert uttered. The imp under the table had switched back to him.
Now he was long licking his balls, reaching deep behind them, flicking his arse hole slightly. Robert had begun rocking slightly. I noticed he put his
arm on the table and his hand was close to mine.

"I'm very close...shit...I thought I could do better." He reached out his
and clasped mine tightly. His lower body began thrusting and he emitted
cry after cry. He was having a supreme cum. That kid under the table was
a master.

Robert relaxed. His orgasm must be over. Now it was my turn. I tensed up
waiting for the onslaught. In moments the boy produced his secret weapon.
He sucked me repeatedly from my base to the tip of my cock. His hand
gently pulling on my balls. Yipes, that was the technique which got to me,
I was completely at his mercy.

Robert didn't fail to find my passion amusing. "Hold on. You can do it.
Bite your finger. Maybe that would help. Just think about something else
like, Brad Pitt naked with his legs in the air. How about CirE, bending over,
his hairy hole undulating? Oops. Maybe I should not have said those
things. I was only trying to help. Look at you, you're rising out of the
chair. You're howling as you release your cum. You can hardly breath.
Your chest is bright red. It's over."

Robert leaned over, just as I was in the middle of my cum and put his warm
bearded face and kissed me deeply. Robert must have noticed that I kissed
back passionately.

"OK boys," intoned Mr. Homebase. "Come into the next room so our sucking
guest can leave without seeing you. I am sure he is licking his lips with
your delicious offerings."

The rest of the day involved consultations with styling experts. I was
told that I looked too corporate. I tried on jeans. My hair was changed
from a side to a messy youthful one. The stylist said that I had looked
too unapproachable before.

Robert got the most radical makeover. His beard was gone. He clothes were
changed to very youthful, almost hip hop type. He always looked younger
than his 22 years but now he echoed a teenager.

We were given baggage that contained more of our new clothes, Air tickets
and instructions to fly to Vienna and meet our contact for further

Robert was very friendly on the flight. I think he wanted to get it on but
I felt we ought to be professional, besides on our assignments we would get
plenty of action.

Our Vienna contact met us. He was a stolid, old line diplomat. He seemed
uncomfortable with us. We heard him refer to us as twinks in an aside to
an aide. We didn't challenge him. If would be of no use and pay off.

The hotel was nice but not the Ritz. We were both disappointed. Robert
was surprised when we got separate rooms and even on separate floors. Our
CIA guide, if that was what he was, stated that each of us would operate

He bade us goodnight and told us that a technician would be in to see us in
the AM to show us how to use the equipment. He emphasized that this was a
quick in and out operation. We were to get the goods and then home for
possibly other assignments in other parts of the world.

It was only six o'clock at home and though it was almost midnight here, I
didn't feel sleepy. I got dressed and went down to the bar. I found
Robert there. He had been there for about an hour, slurping drinks at too
fast a pace. He greeted me in a rather over friendly way which I thought
was unwise. I think we were not supposed to know each other. I reminded
him of this and he giggled. "OK, we are strangers and I pick you up." He
minced, "Hi big boy." I gave him a disgusted look and moved from the bar
to one of the tables. This was a Monday night and the place was almost

Robert now had met someone. A kid about his age. They were mooning at
each other and later I saw them leave together.

I sat quietly nursing a scotch. Soon I became aware of a large man looming
over me. He must have weighted almost three hundred pounds but it was
distributed over a large frame, towering to almost six feet three. He had
a large head, shaved bald, luxuriant whiskers. When he leaned in to talk
to me and smelled a delicious, with which I supposed, expense cologne.
While he was bear like he had a delicacy to his face. The features would
have been handsome on a thinner face.

"May I buy you a single malt, instead of that rubbing alcohol you are

I nodded. I was bored and hoped to pass the time.

He clicked his heels and held out his hand stiffly. "Baron Wilders of the
Austrian police."

Ye Gods! That was my mark. Nothing could happen because we weren't setup
yet with the electronic equipment. I guess I could make nice and next day
get him into the lair. It was hard to think that this ultra masculine guy
was gay.

When the drinks were brought and two more we began to open up. I told him
that I am a graduate student in autopsy and had hoped to meet him. He
purred at me, "Meeting you would be the high light of the year. You are
very attractive, I am doing all I can not to lean over and kiss you. That
would be very rash. My tastes in sexual partners is a deep secret kept by
me and unknown to official Vienna."

But he did speak to me at a very close distance. His breath was on my
cheek and his elegant features presented for my close view. I reached
under the table and clasped his gigantic hairy paw. I had always been
drawn to swimmer kids, never this sort of example of manliness. Maybe I
was growing up.

"May I come to your room? Just for a properly say goodnight."

"Okay, but I am getting sleepy and have a big day tomorrow. You are
included in that day I hope." I put my hand on his monumental shoulder.

* * * *
Robert meanwhile had taken the elevator with his pickup. The kid's name
was Hans. He worked at the German Consulate. There had been rumors that
he had unusual sexual tastes but so far he had escaped detection. If
Robert knew about the kid's dossier he didn't reveal it. The boy Hans was
not his target but it would certainly fit into confusion to the enemy if he
could get some goods on Hans.

Outside the door Robert sagged against it fiddling with the key. "Here my
friend, give it to me. I am an expert at opening up closed holes."

When they entered the room Robert smiled drunkenly and approached Hans.
When he was within arm's length Hans flashed out his hand and slapped
Robert hard across the cheek. Robert's head snapped to the left and a
bright red hand-shaped flush appeared on his soft young cheek. He put a
hand to the hurt, his eyes tearing. "Why did you do that? I must have
made a mistake. You should go."

Hans laughed. "Go? I'll go when I am ready but you will beg me to stay,
bitch. Do you think I am one of your fairy boys? I like a fuck with a boy
like you sometimes but I am all man." He puffed out his chest and spanked
his hard belly. "Undress, or I will rip them off!"

Robert meekly began taking off his clothes. He thought that Hans was very
attractive and sexy but he was afraid of him. He wondered what his stuff
was like. His mouth watered to lick his probably beautiful prick.

As he undressed, Hans quickly shuck his suit and underwear and stood there
naked, shaking and stimulating his eight inch pure pink/white cock.
Robert's eyes opened in wonder. It was a beaut.

"No sucking," barked Hans in his Germanic voice. "Sucking is for queers
like you. Quick, lean over that table."

Robert was appalled. He had never been fucked. In fact he had never
fucked. This kind of activity violated his finicky nature, but out of fear
he assumed the requested position.

"Ah, very nice ass." Hans spread Robert's ass cheeks. Robert shuddered in
fear. "A few pretty hairs and pink hole make it look like a cunt. Ask not
what your cunt can do for you, ask what you can do for your cunt." Without
using a finger or any other ameliorative devices he put the head of his
penis against Robert's hole. Robert began sobbing. Hans pushed. The head
entered. Robert stiffened in pain. Hans pushed again and half of his rod
was inside the steaming hole. He pushed hard and his pubic hair met the
hair at the opening of Robert's asshole. Hans was huffing from the effort
and he rested a moment deep inside Robert's innards. Robert felt his ass
hole pulsating against the intruder. He felt heat radiating from his
bottom. He began breathing raggedly. To his amazement his cock was
lifting. He almost felt that would come any minute.

Hans was now in charge. He began a very slow in and out motion, crooning
in Robert's ear, words Robert had never heard before. "That's it little
boy, feel a man's cock opening you up. You are changed. You will always
want this fucking." He found that the words inflamed him, that he got
pleasure in surrendering to Hans' powerful personality. He didn't have to
think: only feel.

"Fuck me hard! I think I'm going to cum."

"Yes baby boy, let your cock control you. Cum when you wish, then I will
join you."

When a strangled cry Robert's cock began to unload with such force that his
whole body thrust violently.

Hans held on to him as if he had a wild horse under him, then with a bellow
he shot volleys of Teutonic spunk into the writhing boy.

When the moment was over Hans slapped Robert's ass hard, then he left the
cringing Robert sitting on the floor. The German youth put on his clothes
and clicked his heels. "Until next time."

Robert began creeping toward him, grabbed one leg. "Please come back

Hans shook his leg free, laughed and disappeared out the door.

* * * *

At my room door I reached out to shake hand goodnight with the Baron. He
took my hand and pulled me toward him and placed his puffy pillow lips
against mine. His lips seemed to sear mine. When we parted I was weak and
sagged a little. Wilder grabbed me around the waist. It felt so
comforting to have this big buy in such a protective position. I leaned my
head against his shoulder. This was so unlike me. I was a seducer of slim
summer boys, the aggressor and despoiler. Now I was acting like a little
boy myself. He was whispering in my ear as he took my key and opened the
door. "You are a splendid looking boy. I call you boy although we are
about the same age, because you have that fresh dewy American look. As
soon as I saw you I got hard and stayed that way the whole evening. Here,

I don't know why, but I reached down and did what he asked. He was so
strong and compelling, yet sweet at the same time. His big rod lay caught
in his underwear. It felt hot and throbbing through his clothes.

We were in the center of the room. He slowly removed my jacket, then
shirt. He exclaimed in pleasure, "Your chest, so beautiful, so gleaming
white and smooth. Those florets of flesh, pink and suddenly erected." He
leaned forward and licked the right nub, then the left.

My head was spinning and I was almost out of it. This bear knew just the
right things to say and do. I realized that he was in control but I
trusted him. His generous nature and delicacy seemed evident.

He slipped off his top, his mile wide hairy chest made my breath catch. He
was the most sexy guy I had ever seen. His big gun arm muscles moved as if
they had a life of their own.

"You will undress now, everything and we will fuck. No?"

I told him that I have never been fucked. I said that my ass was no
trespassing. He laughed and chucked my chin. "That was before. Tonight
you are with the Baron."

He brought me to the bed. He lay on his back. I lay across him. We
kissed for a long time, he stroked my body slowly. I began to feel that I
wanted him to tell me what to do, to get relief for my impossibly hard
cock. He reached his long arm down and put a finger over my hole. I
jumped in alarm. He just keep kissing me. "Relax, feel your desire going
there." It was true, my hole began to wish for more attention and my
insides felt empty.

He lifted me up and placed my legs on either side of his waist. I was
perched above his rampant cock. I was moaning with trepidation and
passion. He held my waist strongly and slowly lowered me until his cock
head was against my hole. "Now you must choose. You do the rest."

I cried real tears as I was sweetly conquered. I slowly let my weight
down. He had lubricated himself which I hadn't noticed. His slim cock
entered. I shook with worry but it didn't hurt. It seemed to fill a place
that I had always reserved for him. In moments we were fucking, kissing,
crying, moaning. I loved watching his face as we fucked. He pursed his
lips, rolled his eyes, and finally gasped out that he was cumming. His
face screwed up into a mighty frown and his knees began bucking as he
exclaimed over and over again, "Oh, Oh, Uh, Uh, A-a-h."

I was so entranced with him that I almost forgot about myself. My cock
stood rigid between us. He gently put his hand around it. He moved it
slightly. I began moaning loudly. "Cum for me lovely boy. Give me your

He moved a little faster but hardly holding my cock. I let out a strangled
cry, almost blacked out and spewed my pearl drops landing on his hairy chest.

We lay there, clasped together. Finally when I could talk I said, "Thanks,
you know me better than I know myself. Sex before was manipulative, I just
wanted to seduce for another notch on my gun. This with you was what I
really wanted, down deep." I kissed him deeply.

He slipped out of the bed, covered me, got dressed quietly. I barely heard
the door close as I slipped into a deep sleep.

The next morning there was a loud knocking on the door. I wrapped a sheet
around myself and answered. It was Robert, looking wild and distraught.
"We were tricked. The surveillance stuff was already installed. They got
me being fucked. I don't fuck. Now I just don't know. I don't mind that
that German guy will get fired and whatever."

It hit me like a ton of bricks. My great Baron Bear would be disgraced and
he was so kind to me. "This is no good."

I turned to Robert. "This whole operation stinks. We are getting people
ruined I am quiting. Let's find a way of flying home, even if we have to
pay our own way. " Robert nodded.

Afterword: We didn't quit. The paid for life was too good, the sex always
novel and rewarding. In the three years before the operation was closed,
we were responsible for neutralizing over fifty foreign operatives. We are
still sworn to secrecy and Homebase told us that if we ever talked, we
would be "eliminated." But he's gone, they all are and now I can tell.

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Postby roadkillthrill » Wed Aug 23, 2006 1:07 am

and stimulation of the prostate could be beneficial against cancer in this gland as well..ive been doing this fer years..but not when uve got piles..also over stimulation could lead to a case of be careful..i also find anal mucus very sexy..once yer really working yer asshole..with a large carrot..or Action starts pouring out..i was brave enuff to taste it..its neutral..and an enforced clean out before u start all this..
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Postby cirE » Wed Aug 23, 2006 1:19 am

roadkillthrill wrote:and an enforced clean out before u start all this..

can you elaborate on this :)
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